A downloadable game for Windows and Linux

another touhou caravan stg for the touhou fan game jam vol.3

wasn't able to squeeze in a few features in 72 hours, post-jam versions will have fantastical features like "lives" and "does not randomly crash when you restart"

help marisa blast her way through an onslaught of fairies, youkai and shinigami so she can serve that yama her own judgement. you've only got one life and no bombs, so go for broke in this deathmatch from higan

super-influenced by the recent crop of caravan games like omega blast and fire arrow, with plenty of the classic hudsonsoft-style scoring mechanics and a serving of some seihou-influenced bullet hell.

scoring tips:
- kill 'em all: destroy the static ground-level targets for extra points, and keep an eye out for hidden targets
- who dares wins: use your survival skills to hold out until the very last second to maximize your score
- more power: grab powerups asap to max out your power, then look for more to get an extra bonus

arrow keys/d-pad: move
z/btn 1: shoot/select
shift/btn 2: focus
esc/btn 5: pause
r / btn 6: return to title
f: toggle fullscreen

tb: engine programming, game design, textures, bullet sprites
am: bgm, sfx, sound design

character sprites by nomura under CC-BY-NC 4.0 https://github.com/danmaq/touhou-ctc-danmakufu

source available at https://github.com/tboddy/touhousakuhin

dedicated to my father-in-law and friend jim boaz, 12/21/54 - 12/17/18

Install instructions

windows: extract to folder & run touhousakuhin.exe

linux: extract to folder & run touhousakuhin.exe


win32.zip 50 MB
linux.zip 56 MB


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oustanding game for a jam!! good job.

there's no post game credits right? when i survive for the whole 2 minutes the game shows "game over" just as if i died. did i actually clear it or did i really die?

cool. i love caravan-style shmups

A SHMUP that's pretty well-made.  Also nice too see Shiki in a game.

I haven't actually played far into it yet, but it seems like a well-made danmaku game. And destructible background objects (and powerup containers) FTW!

I kinda want to see you step into a different genre for the next jam, though.