A downloadable game for Windows, macOS, and Linux

winner of the one-up best in show award at freeplay florida 2021

lovely 68000 classic digging and shooting! 20 quick stages influenced by jeff minter's gridrunner & ZUN's highly responsive to prayers

made in about a week or so for touhou pride jam 3

after the latest incident, momoyo's new employer has her making plans for tonight! dig up some sweets to bring to megumu

note to would-be touhou pride jam raters: a bug regarding game over/soft resets has been fixed in the most recent builds. this does not affect gameplay whatsoever until after you have reset the game. if you are rating for the jam, please direct yourself to the "sweets-rom-jam" download for the proper rom. thanks for your reports!

d-pad: move
a: shoot
b: focus/slow
c: bomb
start: pause

how to play:
blast all the gumdrops in each stage to clear it. be careful of turrets and timed bombs that gumdrops drop.
every five stages, you'll face a powerful ...dessert!

how to run:
downloads with blastem + "rungame" startup/batch scripts are provided, or download the rom separately to use on any emulator or flash to cartridge

t. boddy: all programming, all design, all art, all music, all sound.

touhou and everything in it by ZUN
blastem redistributed under gnu gpl3, retrodev.com/blastem/ (source: retrodev.com/repos/blastem)

there are a lot of issues, i'm sure. developed with sgdk and blastem. tested on north american and japanese model 2 hardware only... not designed for nor tested on pal.

i'm not really sure what i was thinking of here. or going for. i'm sorry. momoyo is just too cool and i really like candy

Full source code available at github.com/tboddy/tpj3/ do what you will with it

PlatformsWindows, macOS, Linux
Rated 4.0 out of 5 stars
(2 total ratings)
TagsArcade, Bullet Hell, Mega Drive, Sega Genesis, Shoot 'Em Up, Top down shooter, Touhou


sweets-win.zip 2 MB
sweets-linux64.zip 3 MB
sweets-macos.zip 3 MB
sweets-rom.bin 424 kB


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Pretty impressive yet addictive with the Genesis controller!!

Yooooo... this has nothing to do with the game, but I'm a huge fan of your 'Ikaruga' project. Any chance that there are physical copies still around? I'm pining for that 7 inch!

lmao! small world! i don't think i have anything left from then. i just started playing shows with my drum machine again locally though and am having a blast so will be getting back to recording soon

I was back on this site randomly and I remembered our conversation. Happy to see you've made more games! I'll have to load them one the ol' Megadrive. Did you ever put together a bandcamp page? Curious to hear what you've been producing.

yo! yeah ive got several bandcamps of stuff (subdomains are: mantrid, dariusnoise, vvvvvvvv, thepiss, atrocitas), but haven't done anything in a while now... i am finding that making sega games is way, way, way more gratifying than writing songs that like 5 people end up listening to lol

Dude, thanks for sharing! As one of those five people, this shit fuckin' rips! But I get it - you gotta do what brings you joy and gives you the largest reach. You active anywhere besides itch.io?


Your game is pretty good. I really don´t know what you were thinking about as you said but let me tell you that it works. Congrats !

IANAL, but I think you are required to convey or offer the corresponding source according to section 6 of the GPLv3.

ty, have added source url along with homepage url -- i was unsure about this but have seen it done before on itch but couldn't dig it up. thanx again